Hi, I'm Adam....
hello :) I’m an illustrator and designer from Utah. I love to draw and design and I’ve been blessed to be able to do it for a living for a number of years now. I have worked with many great clients such as Scholastic, Harper Collins, Hallmark, Disney, Fisher Price, and many more great folks.
I started doodling on a padded bench in church. I liked saturday morning cartoons and cereal with marshmallows in it. I played with GI Joes and watched WWF wrestling with my brothers and I was outside most of my life. I started getting serious about drawing when someone actaully bought one of my drawings, and I thought….that’s cool…other people might actually like my stuff. So I continued to draw and paint and doodle and here I am now with my own website. Crazy.
I get inspired by old childrens books, vintage posters, anything prior to the 90’s to be honest. I like Miroslav Sasek, Mary Blair, Saul Bass and Edward Gorey. I listen to Tom Waits and I like the smell of cement after it rains.
Scholastic, Harper Collins, Hallmark, Disney, Fisher Price, Amazon, Penguin Books, LDS Church, Highlights Magazine, Candlewick Press, Chick Fil A, Focus on the Family and more

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